I hope everyone is enjoying the FABULOUS weather! All I know is that last weekend when I was home really made me wish it was summer.  The babies are growing so fast and it makes me sad that I am missing out on watching them grow.  Luckily, it’s also the time of year when we get to bring home all the fall ET calves.  According to mom and dad there are some pretty good ones.  I love getting in the ET calves because it is so fun to see how much they all look like their mommas.  So it looks like we have our work cut out for us the next few months to get the new show prospects in shape. 

We can’t forget that the Atlantic National is right around the corner.  I can safely say that the Atlantic national is one of my favorite shows just because we always have a good time and are always more laid back.  However, I have no clue how many we are taking. It seems like it could be anywhere from three to ten some days.

Oh on another exiting note… I got a new car! I know it is totally un-cow related but I am just that excited.  Although, I am going to kind of miss the good old “Hoe” (that’s my Tahoe’s name), but it is Lauren’s turn to get to enjoys her as much as I did.

Well it’s time to get back to filling out scholarships.  It’s insane how fast you lose your money when you are growing up.

Until next time….


Spring Time

So I made it back from Minnesota (YBLC)! It was a blast! I got to meet lots of new people and listened to some great speakers.  I now truly know the importance of being a good beef industry advocate and realize how big of an up hill battle trying to save animal agriculture will be.  I left Minneapolis concerned for the future of my livelihood, but yet very excited to start making a difference.

On a less serious note…. I LOVE THE WEATHER! I got to spend a long weekend at home while the parents were at Gardiner’s Sale.   Being in the barn is truly the best medicine for the soul.  Lauren and I sheared cows and potential show heifers. I must mention how much I HATE shearing! I mean you itch for like two days after and it drives me NUTS! Anyways… The heifers look great and I am super excited for the summer J Tootie (my new show heifer from Stertzbach’s) has decided she doesn’t hate me anymore which is exciting.  She has seemed to take a liking to the grill brick and she just melts when you work on her top.  It’s quite amusing and kind of hard to get it all done as well.  

The spring babies are also doing great. If I could find a job where I could work with baby calves 24/7 I would be the happiest girl on earth!   I love to just sit out and watch the babies run around in the pasture and it’s hilarious to watch dad freak out about the babies that are laying flat when they are soaking up the sun.  By the way, I might have a new bottle baby! She is an ET baby who lost her mom and it also turns out she is out of my show cow from two years ago.  So I am kind of excited about that little project J

Well I should probably get back to my studies 😉

Until next time….

Ohio Beef Expo

So the first thing I must say is…. I SURVIVED ANOTHER QUARTER!!!

Now that I got that out of the way J…  I hope everyone is enjoying the nice weather as much as I am. I have even resorted to running outside. Yes, that’s right, I said running! But I’m trying to keep it on the down low because I would hate for my mom to know I’m actually trying to prevent getting the infamous freshman fifteen! However, all this nice weather is making me really miss the cows.  We are currently calving and I have proceeded to miss out on all the show heifers calvingL.  But on the bright side Fiona had a heifer and I am super super excited!

The past couple weekends have also been very good as far as shows are concerned.  Two weekends ago Lauren took her Gamble heifer to the Kentucky Beef Expo where she was fourth overall! Then this past weekend dad and I made the trek to Harrisonburg, Virginia to show at the MAJAC.  It was so muddy and nasty that I was starting to wish I hadn’t gone! However, I was pleasantly surprised when Tootie (my heifer from Bruce and Amie) was reserve owned heifer.  So in other words failing chemistry was so worth it! 

So I have also decided I am so excited for this summer it isn’t even funny! The show barn seems to have lots of potential this year, but we shall wait and see how things turn outJ.  I have also officially decided to run for the National Junior Angus Board of Directors.  It seems kind of surreal that my long time dream is right around the corner… boy time sure flies.  This is something I have wanted for as long as I remember and it all comes down to one week and is decided by group of people I only have less than one week to get to know.  I am already getting nervous!

Anyways… this weekend is the Ohio Beef Expo! I know it’s not that big of a deal, but since I am suffering from withdraw from cows its is super exciting! This year we are taking a Simmental sale bull… by the way his name is Chuck… Chuck Norris that is. I haven’t seen him for four weeks, but last time I saw him he looked sweet so hopefully lots of people in Columbus like him as well.  Another change in Expo this year is that we have a trade show exhibit. I hear the banner is supposed to look pretty sweet so everyone should come check it out! 

Well I think I am about to go out to the fairgrounds and enjoy the nice weather because I am so tired of being cooped up in these dorms.

Until next time…

Christmas Time

Boy is it nice to be home! It is so hard to believe that I have already finished my first quarter of college and this year is about over.  It just goes to show that time flies when you’re having fun.  I also have to admit that this has been one of the craziest years of my life.  I would safely say that the best and worst moments in my life up until this point happened in the last twelve months.  As I look back, I also realize how much my sister and I have grown up and changed so much over the past year but it definitely is in a good way.

But since I have been home… it has snowed A LOT! And for those of you that don’t know winter is my favorite time of year and I LOVE the snow!!!  We have also had a new baby since I have been home.  He is adorable! But I seem to think all babies are. But he is a little more special because his mother is the infamous cow we know as Psycho.  But the ironic part is that she isn’t crazy at all, but maybe just a bit bipolar. For example, as I was tagging him and giving him his shots, Psycho stood outside the gate calm as can be but as soon as I tag him she clears the board fence and I thought I was cooked. But instead she strolls over and starts licking me and proceeded to try to eat my face…. Funny how cows are sometimes. But I have also been spending quality time with the show heifers.  We decided to turn them out for a while and it’s amazing what a difference it makes, not only to they look better but they are defiantly less of a handful.  I am also pretty excited for the Holiday Classic Sale that we have four females in.  Austin and I spent last week clipping and torching them and I have to say they look pretty darn good.  I’m interested to see how they will be perceived in a “club calf” environment and how well our attempt at the Sim-Angus thing will go.  But I guess we will find out in a week… well I had better get back to wrapping Christmas present so I can go rinse and work on breaking heifers while I am home.

Until next time…



Louisville has come and gone and I am pretty sure I made it without getting sick! Yay! For all of you that don’t know Louisville is my favorite show ever! It must be the green shavings or something.  But where should I begin? As some already know, I was a contestant in the Miss American Angus Contest.  I can easily say it was one of the hardest and most fun things I have done in a long time.  I was given a chance to get to know four girls that I should have gotten to know a long time ago. These girls are amazing and I hope we continue to stay in touch.  Btw… CONGRATS SALLY! (I told her everyday she rocked it but she never believed me…ha!) While competing, I realized how much I missed being in the barn.  All I could think about while setting in a contest room or while working the ring was how bad I wanted to be in the barn with my friends and family. Its times like this when you realize what you really love to do.  But the hardest part of all was missing out on my sister winning Reserve Champion AOB.  When she called and told me how she did and asked why I had to be running for Miss American Angus because I wasn’t there like I always am pretty much killed me.  But sometimes that is the way things go and we won’t always have our way. 

                But I finally feel like my life is slowing down and I am finally adjusted to college.  I still miss my cows and have to go home but jackpot shows will be starting soon and you have no idea how happy that makes me.  I am bound and determined to get my room mates to go with me sometime. OH and how could I forget!?!? My roommates drove all the way to Louisville to surprise me and watch me give my speech! I love those girls!   Life is GOOD!!!

Sale Time

Sorry that I took a leave of absence but you know how adjusting to college life can be.  Along with the first week of school was our annual production sale.  I am really glad that I was at school because mom and Lauren said that it rained and rained and rained.  That is not real conducive for a sale crew trying to get things ready.  Well I say sale crew because it sounds better than Noah, Jess and mom.  (Dad usually is not around sale week.  He says that he needs to be on the phone and visiting with people.  We think that is because mom would kill him.)  Our saying at home is that dad is the head of marketing and mom is ahead of production!  

The week started out a little rough on Monday.  As I was trying to adapt to college living, I was getting these text messages that someone ran through our fence along the road and Noah rear ended the OSU Judging Team van with the tractor.  It is never dull when Noah is around!   Mom took it really well until she got the estimate for fixing the van.  I think Noah will owe us free grooming services for life!!  The sale ended up well.  While we didn’t have a huge average per lot (there were a lot of single lots in the sale) we had a very solid event.  The stands were packed the sale never hit a soft spot.  Best of all, all of the cows now have a new address. 

October is the only month of the year that we do not show cattle.  It is kind of nice having a break.  Louisville is right around the corner so we need to start to get ready for that.  Well I should say that Lauren and Austin need to start getting the cattle ready.  I don’t think I will be much help here in Columbus.  Lauren texted me last night and informed me that Lizzie is getting close to calving.  She is the Total out of A531 (Izzy).  She is the heifer that was reserve nearly everywhere she went this summer.  Our potential show cows always have bulls.  We don’t know what it is like to show a cute little heifer at the side of the cow.  Time will tell if the tradition of bulls will continue.

  Well I am now into my third week of college and loving it.  I plan on going to the football game on Saturday – Go Bucks!!!

Until next time…


Fair Time

Well, well, well… I have no idea where to begin.  After last week I have officially ended a huge chapter in my life and I am now starting a new one.  Last week as you all know was the big Highland County Fair.  Last week was my last show as a 4-H member and my last time getting to show our “little third world hobby” (crossbred feeder calves) as Dad would say.  It’s not that I am sad about growing up; it is that I am finally leaving behind the thing that has helped me grow the most in the past 10 years.  Through my 4-H experiences, I met two of my best friends in the entire world, Abby Helterbrand and Austin Trueblood, they have always been there for me and I would take a bullet for those guys any day.  We have learned a lot together and grown up together.  There has been a lot of blood, sweat, and tears (ok maybe not so much blood… but it helps prove my point =)…) and without 4-H I have no idea what kind of person I would be. So I highly suggest anyone with kids, or who plan on having kids in the future, put them in 4-H, I am so glad my parents did and my sister and I really appreciate it!

              I bet you all are wondering how the actual show went. Well Mary, my Angus October heifer calf (Mary is a descendant of the GAR Lucy Boy G158 cow that has been a foundation of many of our great show heifers) was supreme heifer, and Miss Kitty, Lauren’s AOB was Champion in her division. Highland County defiantly has to have one of the toughest heifer shows in the state seeing a majority of all the heifers entered participated on a national level.  As for the feeder calf show Hank was reserve in his division behind the Champion feeder, and Fez won his class. Lauren was champion in her division with Boomer and was second in class with BAMF.  Austin and Huggy then swept the steer show. So you can’t get much better than that! Oh! Not to forget Abby was Grand Champion Market Barrow!!! Then probably the most exciting thing of all was that I finally beat my sister in Showmanship and got to go for showmen of showmen… for those of you who don’t know, Lauren has had a knack for kicking my butt at the county fair.  Showman of showmen was really fun though. My favorite was probably the lamb and hog, but all I’m going to say is that a milking shorthorn is just as dumb as a regular shorthorn and rabbits ARE NOT as cute and cuddly as everyone thinks they are! But I got lucky and was able to actually have the honor to win 1st place….. So this county fair is defiantly one to remember and I wouldn’t have wanted to go out any other way.

            This week Austin and I have been in charge of getting things ready for the sale while Lauren plays soccer and mom and dad make hay.  We get a lot done but at the end of the day when we look at the barn one last time it still seems like there is so much to do! Noah and Jess are coming in this weekend, and I am really bummed I wont get to see them until the sale but at least I get out of building sale pens! Although I am pretty sure that after Lauren and Jess had to fix all the pens Austin and I had put up that I am officially off fence building detail.  The cows look great, and I am really nervous to see how everything will turn out.  But all we can do now is wait and see.

            As most of you know I move in to college Sunday to The Ohio State University!  I am so excited but yet scared shitless! (Sorry for the profanity, but this is a big deal!) I am anxious to meet my roommates and see how well I will adjust.  Columbus is a big change from Hillsboro! Well I have to finish packing, so if anyone has any college survival tips… don’t hesitate to share!


Until next time….